war ist wird sein


Michael Kurzwelly (EU/D/PL)

*1963 lives and works in Slubfurt


1983 - 1985 lived in Saint-Jean-Le-Blanc/France

1985 - 1992 studied fine arts at Alanus Kunsthochschule in Alfter/Bonn, diploma

1993 - 1998 founded and ran the International Artists Center in Poznan

1992 - 1998 lived and worked in Poznan/Poland

since 1992 works as an artist

since 1999 founded and works on the city of Slubfurt

since 2004 lectureship at the Europa University Viadrina / Frankfurt (O)

since 2005 founded and works on the white zone

since 2007 founded and works for the iwf-institute of white zone research

since 2008 founded the "arttrans travel agency"

in 2009 granted by the Stiftung Kunstfonds with a one year working stipendium




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